Week of coming home to yourself (individual)



Trajectory sessions


 Do you want to come home to yourself?


 In the beautiful area of Rättvik you will stay in a Cabin on the hill with a spectaculair view over Lake Siljan. In this week you will have multiple sessions with Christer. The sessions will be inside and outside.  In between  you to take rest and spend time in nature.


Completely in a different enviroment, no distractions, the best way to come home to yourself!


All trajectory sessions are designed personally to you. Most take 7 days, it is advicable to arrive one day before the session to land in your new surroundings.


It is possible to stay with two people in the cabin and get the sessions, though it is very important you both can be in silence and give each other space to work in your own proces.


Do you want more information or apply for this super week/ Please email us.



Your investment: Sessions and rent the cabin (holidayhouse) 

 And your trip to Rattvik: Best to fly in to Stockholm, then take the train or rent a car




Wish to see you soon!


 Coming home


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