Summerworkshop Rättvik

Summerworkshop 5-12 June 2021 in Rättvik, Sweden


Really a wonderful week to come home to yourself. In the beautiful provence Dalarna, in Rättvik, surrounded by forrest, Lake Siljan and many more lakes.


In this week we will have several groupsessions, spend time in nature, and you will have a private healing session with Christer. In between you have time to work in your own proces and take a rest. This week will be quite intensive and you will go deep in your proces.

In this workshop Christer will work together with Sonja.


We can arrange for you to stay at a holidayhouse, prices 150-450 depending if you want to have the house for yourself or you want to share it. Let us know on time when you want us to arrange it.(before 1-1-2021)  You are also free to arrange your own  stay, best is in Rättvik. there are several campingplaces and possibilities. From campground to luxery hotel.


Your investment €420,00  (workshop)


Your stay and travel to Rättvik is for your own costs.


More info or you want to join in, email to


Your place in the workshop is definite when we received your investment.




 Coming home


Nordic Shamanism

Contact: Sonja Hamerslag


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