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The private sessions and workshops with this Norwegian Shaman "Christer" are highly recommended!

The Norwegians have the pleasure to live among mountains that are said to be older than the Himalayas. These mountains are powerful grounding places that help you to let go and recharge. Christer, trough his roots, has got these qualities as well. Because of his grounding and powerful light vibration, he easily takes all your heavier energy, such as pain and blockages, and releases them quickly for you. His focus is mainly on emotions, but also old karma, both of this life, past lives and family karma. To let go of this, Christer will guide you to breathe through the pain and helps you make simple sounds when needed, guided by his healing voice, flute or drum. Diseases often arise from emotional imbalances as well and are (in)directly part of his healings. Like a vacuum-cleaner he takes all your old pain away, this is his greatest strength!

Christer is down to earth. He says you can keep yourself busy with lots of layers of this existence, but if your emotions are holding you back, you will not find what you are looking for. By looking for enlightenment outside yourself, you’ll only create more distance from it. It's often these unaware emotions that require attention.
His philosophy is to start at the beginning and without many words goes directly into the depth, inviting you to come home to yourself, so you can live from your powerful “core” again.



Private sessions:

The private sessions will start sitting, you can ask questions and indicate what's important for you. If there are no questions, that’s fine as well, Christer feels and sees a lot and brings out those things that are blocking you from living your full potential and are no more of use. The energy will be build up by Christer and old pains and karma will be released. After some time, you may lie down on the treatment table and the healing continues. Christer also shares tips and tricks to work with at home, as well as advice on diet. After the healing the body will have to find a new balance and you will experience more space and freedom.


After the session Toni, who works full time together with Christer, is always ready with a cup of thee and uses his qualities to see where some one is at that time. He shares meditation techniques, insights and were needed Tai-Chi exercise to support the process afterwards and in general, in this way we provide a full service and experience.



Investment: 120,- euro
Time: 1 hour
Language: English (translator for dutch available if needed)


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Christer's workshops are powerful!


In this workshop you will be immersed in very high vibrations, which help to release everything that no longer serves, like old karma, pain, and emotions.


We will start the workshops with some simple Qi-Gong exercises guided by Toni, which is in benefit of opening our system and feeling comfortable within our body and the environment around. After this, Christer will take the lead and gradually built up the energy in order to bring out our deeper layers, the ones we often run away from. This can feel intense, but less resistance will make it easier. The idea is to be with your feeling, to breathe with it and to let it go. The more we allow this, without judgment, the more Christer can be of value to us. During the process he will take over all lower vibrations (karma, emotions and pain) and heal and dispose them for us, this happens very rapidly. All this will be accompanied by the drums, flute and healing-voice of Christer, possibly our own sounds.

These workshops are essentially focused on letting go old ballast and coming home within ones self. This will help you to live more from your “core” and feeling home within yourself. A very effective way of healing and definitely worth the experience!



Investment: 30,-
Time: 2 to 3 hours
Language: English (translation in dutch will be available)


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Hope to see you soon!


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