Private sessions and rates


Through light vibrations and good guidance Christer will lead you to old pain and blockages and will support you to let go. His focus is on (old) emotions and (family) karma.

He will open up these things by breathing through them or making simple sounds.

Almost like a vacuumcleaner he will take the old emotions and the pain and discharge them. This is his great power.


Private sessions take place sitting on a chair.  Christer feels and sees where you need to be healed and goes into the deepness with you. The energy will get more strong and you will feel the pain and karma, Christer will discharge them very quikly.

Christer will give you advice to work further in your own proces.

In the trajectory session week the sessions will also take place outside in nature.


After the healing your body will have to find a new balance. You can feel lots of emotions or sadness or hapiness. Let that come and feel what is there, do not hold back. This can take some time.

After you will feel more into your core.


Children are welcome too and they can use the support very well.

Children under the age of 12 will take, mostly, a short session, because their system is able to pick it up so quikly during the healing. We want that one of the parents or other legal representive is with the child during the session. We have special rates for children.





Private session     € 120,-   

                                  (There is a special rate for people with                                       low income)



Skype session        € 75,-


Taal:                  Engels. (translation to dutch available)


(Sweden  SEK 750)







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