Christer's workshops are powerful!


Two days immersed in very high vibrations that ensure that everything that no longer serves of old karma and emotions comes up and is released with ease.

We will start the workshops with a number of simple Qi-Gong exercises led by Toni, with which we will begin to open our system and feel comfortable in body and space. After that, Christer will take the lead and gradually built up the energy in order to bring out our deeper layers, the ones we often run away from. This can feel intense, but the less the resistance towards it is, the easier it will be. The idea is to be with your feeling, to breathe with it and to let go. The more we allow this, without judgment, the more Christer can be of value to us. During the process he will take over all lower vibrations (karma, emotions and pain) and dispose of them for us, in order to heal, he does this very rapidly!

We will start this first day around 11:00 in the morning and continue until about 10 or 11 oçlock in the evening, after which we will sleep in the same room, in the energy that has been put down. Christer states that if you were to sleep at home, or in a private room for example, you would miss out on a large part of the process. At home, we tend to fall back into our safe patterns and mechanisms that we got accustomed to, the ones we needed at the time, but currently prevent us from living freely... This night gives the opportunity to let go of everything that no longer serves.


During this night we will be woken up around 03:00 o'clock, the reason for this is that we surrender more easily in the night and therefore let go more easily. The energy of the earth at that times is very supportive as well, in releasing the old and charging up with fresh energy. During this night session we all sing simple verbs, as Christer takes the lead. A lot of old karma will be released during this hour that we are awake and the feeling is very special. This process has prove to be very valuable in all the previous sessions we have done. The next morning we are woken up with the sound of a soft flute and after some food the program continues until the afternoon. Written in this way, it may sound intense or exciting to some, but in the Very high vibrations that Christer brings forward during these weekends, it is very easy to complete and surrender to all of it...


These workshops have a nice balance between movement and rest. Exercises will be done in which we open ourselves up and in between we will lie on mats to process everything with the sounds of drums, flute, vocals and other instruments. In this way deep processes can be handled in a easy way and therefore do not have to be experienced as heavy. These workshops are purely aimed at releasing all ballast and coming home to one-self. As a result, you will learn to live more and more from your core and effortlessly experience life in all its layers.

Our mission is to bring healing, and if it feels that way, we look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.



Price: € 270 (including organic food and accommodation).

Language: English (translation in dutch will be available)



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If a date is not fitting, but you are interested in a workshop, please feel free to contact me, I will then place you as an option for the next opportunity.

Feel welcome!










I've experienced the workshop as very energetic and wonderful. My experience with Christer, the shaman, was like jupping in the deep, being completely unfamiliar with his way of working. It was tough, but worth it, because I took on the challenge to work on myself with full dedication and confidence. I opened myself up and let my fears and resistance run wild. I wanted, among other things, to regain my self-confidence and my own value.

Christer is a serious shaman, full of energy who is powerful and connected to the cosmos who clears blockages for a more conscious life. Being woken up in the middle of the night, by Christer, with his flute was also a nice wake up followed by a short session and back to bed for a few hours. The Chi-Gong given by Toni, was nice to activate and feel your own energy.

The days after the workshop a lot happened with and inside of me. I'm now more able to embrace my life process and accept everything that happens more easily. The insights I needed to accept both positive and negative are now much faster. I recognize, acknowledge my past and am able to stay fully with myself now, whatever happens. I now allow every negative emotion that wants to be acknowledged to be able to process and then to let go.
I have experienced the food, prepared with love, as tasty and nutritious. Thank you for this.


My goal was to get home in and with myself. The last day was an overwhelming grateful feeling of this, of coming home and feeling great. I now feel and experience it more because I use the tools that I have received from Christer on a daily basis and sometimes even at night, this to remain more grounded in order to be and remain more in my full power.
I have chosen wholeness and openness knowing that I am protected by the Divine power. I greet each new day with a smile and enjoy my life as it is now and am open to what may come and go, being more conscious in my life's process. Everything is alright.

Thank you Christer and Toni for crossing my path and allowing me to follow this workshop.
I hope and wish you even more strength and love in this cosmic healing work that you do.






So far I have had 3 meetings with Christer: a session, followed by a workshop and then another session.
I experience Christer as very direct, as he goes straight to the point.
During the first session I experienced, even though I did not always understand him, that I still understood him. He is very clear in his responses. If you turn around and around he can be strict and use the words "don't run away", if you recognize and get aware about what he is showing/mirroring you, you will hear a beautifully loving "perfect".

The workshop has brought me into deeper contact with my body. It was a wonderful start with Qi Gong exercises, given by Toni, followed by making sounds, singing, accompanied by Christer's voice and the sounds of instruments he plays such as flute, saxophone and drum. He always comes by and touches you there were is need, of what askes for attention. I have experienced the frequent use of my own voice as a meditation, in which I descended in to deep silence. In the personal session during this weekend, an old pattern was touched, which in these days further crystallized.


The 2nd session was wonderful. Christer showed me that I have always worked hard and that it is no longer necessary. The art of doing nothing, relaxing and making it happen. A lot of softness and love arose within it. He has also contracted some stuck parts within me, after which there was enormous space and flexibility in my body.

After the openness of this last session, I experienced a counter-reaction (enormous fatigue, dissociation and a return of some patterns). The way I experience it, the contact with Christer reveals what I recognize, but what I have not yet appropriated. This requires attention, dedication and gentleness ...




Review, Workshop Christer.
Dissipating emotions through earthly shamanism, that was the expectation with which I started an individual session with Christer. That expectation came true.
After a warm welcome from Toni, Christer came to get me. Without much ado about words: take off shoes, sit, we get started right away. Bright blue eyes that looked concerned and focused. Hardly any attention to manners. A fairly rough looking guy with a heart of gold, it turned out.
In that encounter a lot of anger and sadness cleared up. I sung, shouted. The more primary the emotions and my surrender became, the more Christer seemed to be at ease. No bullshit. No fuss. Releasing the emotions! Then back to the waiting room without much ado.
I felt cleaner, but did not yet know how to apply this in my daily life. Therefore registered for the workshop.

The location was somewhere in the middle of the Dutch "polder". Wind, clay and rain. Work, eat and sleep in the same room. Mixed company. Unclear what would happen and when. Little to hold on to. Finally surrendered. Back to the big brain in my stomach. Back to my Inner Home.
The workshop turned out to be essentially about: dissipating emotions in order to be able to return to my Inner Home. The Home where you can find the safety and clarity that the environment or your stubborn brain cannot possibly offer you. An inner move.
Releasing emotions, practicing, singing, digeridoo, saxophone, tai chi, yin yoga, direct information and an impressive nocturnal ritual. Always with intent and the direct guidance of Christer. Tough love, where the love for me became most tangible when Christer sang for the group or played his saxophone. Enchanting!
By working in a group, the group members could also support each other in dissipating all kinds of emotions and learning the techniques. I have been shouting away a lot of anger from others, where others have once again dispelled grief or confusion for the group.I've seen wonderful changes in people who, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, worked through their emotions to eventually experience something of feeling home.

An intense experience, in which I have experienced that I can easily clean up deep stress caused by fear, anger and sadness. By changing my worldview about emotions and my responsibilities in the world, I applying the techniques in simplicity and trusting the process. (And by occasionally shouting “Fuck it! Leave it! Take space!”, A wise lesson from Christer.) The experience that I can take full responsibility for my emotions has transformed my inner world.

Are all emotions gone now? No way. But I am no longer afraid of them and know what to do when they come up. Exercise will no doubt bare fruits.


Dennis:  About the Tai-Chi of the weekends:

After the introduction of Christer, one of the other supervisors takes over for a Qi-Gong lesson.

First an old feeling of getting to less came to me together with the thought; I come here for the shaman and not for a lesson in movement... I could let this go pretty quick and become absorbed in the movements. The movements do not cost a lot of energy, but the blockages that I encounter all the more. I thought that in recent years I had already gotten to know my body quite well and gradually I could feel where there is tension or blockage, but this can be even more refined. In a number of places in my body I feel that the movement stockt and the energy did not flow properly. Unnoticed, I hold something that I don't know whas there. By slowing down the movement even more and focusing on the body, I feel what happens and it slowly becomes clear that this is about perfection. Always wanting to do perfect, not being allowed to make mistakes and not being allowed to fail. I prefer to know what the applause sounds like before I enter the stage.




I had already visited Christer a few times for a private session where it became clear, among other things, that there was a lot of restrained anger in my body. I was not aware of this and through these sessions I am getting closer to myself. I have learned that this anger may just be there. The dynamics of a group session felt different for me. It now touched another part of me that i was unaware of. So much sadness and loneliness came to mind. This is the beauty of being with a group, because everyone has their own contribution to the group. You are together in this setting for a reason and things were triggered in me that would not have happen in a private session. At the group session I felt very safe, even tho this is a big theme for me. It was very nice for me to be busy with energy these days.

Through the exercises of Toni, you learn what you can do with energy. We also sang a lot, and when you really sing from your core you feel very powerful! And what I really liked about such a weekend is that the food is all taken care of. When we had a break, all kinds of tasty things were ready, delicious. What I mainly learned is that I can be proud of myself and that I can thank myself for doing this! I'm coming home ...



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