Christer's workshops are very powerful!

Christer will increase the energy considerably in these workshops n order to bring out our deeper layers, the ones we often run away from. This can feel intense, but the less the resistance, the better it is. The idea is to be with what comes up, to breathe with it and then let go. The more we dare to admit this, without judgment, the more Christer can do for us.
Exercises will be done in this setting in order to open ourselves and one of the tools Christer often uses is sound. In addition to making it himself, he finds it important that the participants themselves also participate in this, so that space is created in the system (this involves making simple vowels). This way we learn to take our own space. During the entire process, he will take over everything from low vibration (karma, emotions and pains) that should no longer serve us and remove it for us. He does this at lightning speed.

These workshops are purely aimed at releasing all ballast and coming home to yourself. As a result, you will increasingly learn to live from your core and experience life in all its layers effortlessly.

In the period of his presence in the Netherlands, private one-hour sessions can also be booked and workshops are organized on a monthly basis, these are weekend-, day- and evening- workshops as well as sound healings of 2 to 3 hours.


Language: English (Translator in Dutch available)
Time: 19:00 to 21:00
Price: 30, - Euro



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