Christer's workshops are powerful!


In this workshop you will be immersed in very high vibrations, which help to release everything that no longer serves, like old karma, pain, and emotions.


We will start the workshops with some simple Qi-Gong exercises guided by Toni, which are in benefit of opening our system and for feeling comfortable within our body and the environment around. After this, Christer will take the lead and gradually built up the energy in order to bring out our deeper layers, the ones we often run away from. This can feel intense, but less resistance will make it easier. The idea is to be with your feeling, to breathe with it and to let it go. The more we allow this, without judgment, the more Christer can be of value to us. During the process he will take over all lower vibrations (karma, emotions and pain) and heal and dispose them for us, this happens very rapidly. All this will be accompanied by the drums, flute and healing-voice of Christer, possibly our own sounds.

These workshops are essentially focused on letting go old ballast and coming home within ones self. This will help you to live more from your “core” and feeling home within yourself. A very effective way of healing and definitely worth the experience!



Investment: 140,- (Food included)
Time: Morning and afternoon
Language: English (translation in dutch will be available)



For locations, dates and times you can press "here"


Hope to see you soon!

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