Toni Bruinen

In collaboration with Christer.

Born in Africa, raised in the Netherlands, and later lived in various other countries including Norway. A country where I did trainings for outdoor survival and worked for a long time as an explosive-expert for construction companies. After this, I traveled through Asia for two years, including India, Nepal and later 13 months in China, where I practiced Chinese martial arts and Qi-Gong. This two-year journey initiated a major awareness shift inside myself.

In these years I trained and received instruction from various masters, from different traditions and principles.
I gratefully learned a different way of seeing and approaching to the world, one that was much more profound than what I had learned before. One with a holistic view...
When I returned to the Netherlands, I went further on this path and since then gone through many internal processes which have brought forward an exponential growth in my consciousness.


In the summer of 2017 I met Christer.
My meeting with him was spontaneous on the street in Oslo, Norway, where he was throat singing with a number of people. In their eyes I could see the love and passion for what they were doing and the conversations that followed immediately gave me the confidence to make an appointment with Christer.
It soon became clear that we understood each other.

After a few sessions I invited him to come to the Netherlands, because I think and feel that people may have a need, or interest in what he has to offer: "Coming home to yourself". Not the rushing, searching and running away from old emotions, but just learning to be with everything that is. Living in and from your "core"!

In the few sessions that I had with Christer, he managed to get me through some huge blockages that I've been walking around with for quite some time, some conscious, some unconscious.

From my own experience I can share that I have experienced Christer as very pure, powerful and loving. I am therefore grateful that I can offer you Christer and his abilities in this way.

At the moment I'm working full time with Christer, but before that I've worked as a coach and supported people with trauma processing and awareness shifts, by converting beliefs systems and emotions, through Regression therapy, inner child work and energetic (family) constellations.

I'm also a Tai-Chi teacher: Tai-Chi is an Eastern movement philosophy with enormous depth, which I approach in a therapeutic way. By building energy through various exercises, blockages become visible and I help people give direction to this in order to clean there body.

I take these tools with me in the workshops that Christer and I offer, and through this collaboration we wish you all healing and happiness.



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