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The private sessions with this Norwegian Shaman "Christer" are highly recommended!

The Norwegians have the pleasure to live among mountains that are said to be older than the Himalayas. These mountains are powerful grounding places that help you to let go and recharge.


Christer, trough his roots, owns these qualities as well. Because of his grounding and powerful light vibration, he easily takes all of your heavier energy, such as pain and blockages, and releases them quickly for you. His focus is mainly on pains and emotions, but thereby also old karma, both from this life, past lives and family karma. To let go of this, Christer will guide you to breathe through the pain and helps you make simple sounds when needed, guided by his healing voice, flute or drum.


Diseases often arise from emotional imbalances as well and are indirectly or directly part of his healings. Like a vacuum-cleaner he takes over all your old pain that is ready to be released, this is his greatest strength!

Christer is down to earth. He says you can keep yourself busy with lots of layers of this existence, but if your emotions are holding you back, you will not find what you are looking for. By looking for enlightenment outside yourself, you’ll only create more distance from it. It's often these unaware emotions that require attention.
His philosophy is to start at the beginning and without many words goes directly into the depth, inviting you to come home to yourself, so you can live from your powerful “core” again.



Private sessions:

The private sessions will start sitting. You can ask questions and indicate what's important for you, but this is not necessary, Christer sees and feels enough. The energy will be build up by Christer and old pains and karma will be released. After some time, you may lie down on the treatment table and the healing continues. Christer also shares tips and tricks to work with at home, as well as advice on diet. After the healing the body will have to find a new balance and you will experience more space and freedom.



Also Children are welcome and can often use the support very well. For children under 12 years of age, we often just plan half an hour since their systems respond quicker to the healing. Sometimes we also do several children within this same time frame.

The same goes for animals. We often plan shorter moments and apply half rate, this is depends on the animal and the size of the animal. When it comes to horses for example, we can visit the location as well and view both animal and stables to offer healing and advice where needed. This is also possible in combination with healings for owners and people with interest. For more information about this you can contact us via the contact details.



Investment: 150,- euro
Language: English (translator for Dutch or German available if needed)


For locations and dates you can press "here"







The number of sessions that i have done with Christer so far have been very valuable to me. His gentle but powerful approach creates a deep sense of light-hearted, cheerful peace. Old sorrow comes up and disappears from my body; more space is created for the core and connection with positive forces. A true recommendation i would say!


After the first session with Christer I immediately felt that a lot of heaviness had been taken away and the following days I felt lighter and at the same time much stronger.
The second session went much deeper and in addition to the fact that a lot of energetic ballast was removed, there was also more room for the experience of a deeper connection with my self and others, this in all vulnerability, strength and in full integrity. In the days that followed I noticed that I could move more freely and more powerfully: literally in my body and also in all subjects in my life.The third session was a celebration: in addition to opening more and breaking down inner barriers, we arrived at a quiet, powerful, vibration-free place.
I have seen that Christer really gives everything, to make you come home to yourself. With him you can confidently surrender to the process. He is honest, wants to help and can help. A very powerful shaman who calls your soul without detours. If you open up and want to look, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience and if you have the option, definitely book more than 1 session, it will give you a big step forwards anchoring yourself in freedom. 





I have now experienced three sessions. Christer is direct, no nonsense, extremely fast and just like a vacuum-cleaner sucking away all the heavy energy, transforming it through sounds, his good grounding while assisting you to breathe. Christer works without external means, from his own strength and inviting you to come home, to live from your own core and in your power. If he needs to get direct with you for this, he will do so, because yes, I needed to be properly shaken and awakened. I have received his message and am surprised how accurate he is about my past, in themes for which I apparently still walked away and fears that i still had. He managed to connect me with emotions that were hidden far away. Memories have come up that I didn't remember because I decided long ago that I didn't want to remember them. After three sessions I feel more space in myself, more in contact with my emotions and with my body.

These were special experiences that I didn't want to miss and which have given me more insight into myself, in particular the parts for which we often walk away consciously or unconsciously. Christer has managed to pull them to the surface in a lightning speed. According to Christer, we live in a special period in which it is of necessity to clean up our old traumas and pain, the kind of ballast that keeps us from living in our true power. For as much as i thought i was already there, thanks to this man i can review that. Apparently this is nothing compared to what it can be in which i feel he right. I'm very curious!




I did 2 sessions with Christer, the first session (during an open day) lasted about 10-15 minutes. This session was very powerful, Christer immediately put his finger (in this case hands) on the sore spot, the blocked energy was released and everything started flowing right away. I went home almost completely pain-free and that night I had a dream in which the healing continued. I saw how polluted energies and blockages left my body. Very impressed by that, I did another session a few days later, this time a full session of an hour. Again this went very deep, energies started to flow pain disappeared and everything became lighter. I have lost old emotions and heaviness, I have more energy and I feel a lightness (cheerfulness) in myself that I had lost. Christer does all this in a loving, occasionally strict and very pleasant way.



Ina Maria:


With humor, sounds that heal, breathing exercises, and by removing energy that no longer serves Christer helps you to come home to yourself, helps you to come home to your power center. Christer heals very intensively, by positively confronting you on both the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

If you really want to get further in your processes and want to come home to yourself, Christer is a must!
Christer gave some good exercises as for example singing vowels at a certain pitch to get you trough the processes.
Sins a lot happened during the session, it is nice to rest afterwards.




Light and a loving primary force, that was my first experience upon arrival. With gentle urge, shaman Christer leads you to the areas where my body indicates that it contains emotional blockades and karma from previous generations.
Take your own space, is his advice. "Feel your own space."
And while I do that, I see a kind of cathedral in the forest, filtered light shines through the foliage. There is moss on the ground, and a deer with large antlers comes running my way. He stops and lets me admire him in the light.
Meanwhile, shaman Christer is using all his power to help me solve my accumulated blockages. With his throat singing he vibrates the blockages to loosen them, which he then strongly releases. When I walked outside after the healing, the sacred place and the deer stay with me. I have my own space, I feel lighter and I have also received advice on how to meditate to solve further blockages. A beautiful experience in the power of divine light. By thinking back, I am immediately enveloped by that power again. Very special!




Back to the feeling and how I experienced the session: "Trusting myself with my own being, experiencing the simplicity of life as I did as a child". Thats where Christer took me to during the session. He brought me there by making sounds together to help me get back to my feeling, which felt very familiar, it felt like home. Two months ago I had the session, but I didn't really know for myself why I came, I had no expectations, it certainly had an effect. I now realize that I hardly drink any alcohol no more, I also smoke a lot less and that I've picked up my old passion: singing again. The most valuable thing is that I've been able to articulate and share my feelings, making relationships more harmonious, at the same time I'm feel more love for myself and for others.


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