Nordic Shamanism is a platform to promote "Christer Viklund" a shaman from Scandinavia.

We organize private sessions, workshops and events throughout Europe.


The approach of this Norwegian shaman is accessible, mainly about: "Coming home to Yourself".

Not rushing, searching and running away from old emotions and yourself, but just learning to be with everything that is. Living in and from your core.


He is very quick to see were the problem areas are and without to many words goes in to the dept of the issues, to take away, in cooperation with you, all that is between you and your core like old karma (both of this life, past lives and family karma) such as emotions, pains and diseases. This is a very effective way of healing that within short time gives maximum results.



During these Privaté-sessions Christer will amplify the energy, so old karma and pain will be felt and released in a very effective way.



      Christer's workshops are very powerful! You'll be immersed in very high vibrations that ensure that everything that no longer serves, comes up, so old karma, pain and emotions will be released with ease. We offer weekend-, day-, and evening-workshops. Read more...



  Nordic Shamanism will travel to    

  different countries and offer healing

  and assistance where needed. For

  the full agenda click "here".

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Nordic Shamanism

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