Christer Viklund

Vertaling in het Engels. 

The Scandinavians have the pleasure of living between mountains that are said to be older than the Himalayas. These mountains are huge power places that help you to ground, to let go and to recharge. Christer through his "roots" possesses these qualities as well.  


Christer was born in northern Sweden. His ancestors are Swedish and Finnish but eventually, after some moving around, he ended up in Norway, where he lived for many years in Oslo.


These many moves have been a lesson in itself, not to be to attached to one place and to live more in the moment, no matter where he is, he says himself


In his early years he did many different jobs, including working in his father's paper factory. In addition, he worked as a metal worker with machinery and later in the sales of various products for small and large companies.   


For years he lived a "normal" life, until he was meditating with a couple of friends around his 50th. His hands at that moment spontaneously became warm, the energy in his body rose and he felt all the emotions and energies of his friends as well as energies in and around the house. Soon after that he knew he had to work with this power and started healing people. Even though there were many people who were already very satisfied with what he did, it was clear to him: this is still nothing, it can be much, much more powerful!  


The years that followed, he was therefore busy developing his strength, in the sense of opening the energy flow and blockades within his system. All this occasionally accompanied by the fight within himself of surrendering to, and sometimes the fear of his own strength. Overall, he says that it was all a test. The universe brought him into positions to learn first and then open up only when he was ready. More and more his destiny became clear and he can no longer walk away for the life of a being a Shaman/Healer.  


Through his powerful light vibration and his guidance he manages to lead you to old pains and blockages and helps you to let go of them. His focus is mainly on the pain and emotions, but included in this: old karma, both of this life, past lives and family karma. He releases it by letting you breathe through it or make simple sounds. Because of his good grounding, he knows how to take over all your heavier energy as a kind of vacuum you could say and fills you up with pure light vibrations. He does so at a very fast pace, this is his great strength!   


Christer is down to earth. As he says himself, you can focus on all kinds of layers of this existence, but when emotions are in the way you can not find what you are looking for, you will not find what you desire. Often this searching arises from a feeling of dissatisfaction, but by looking outside of one-self for enlightenment, you are walking away from yourself. They are the – often still unconscious – emotions that demand attention. His philosophy is to start at the beginning. Without too many words he goes into the depth and heals those deep layers in cooperation with you. He invites you to come back home to yourself, so that you can live from within your powerful core.      



 Here is a video in which he shares his vision and story.



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