Company work


 Company work


Thanks to his high sensitivity and working with his energy Christer can tune in to your company. He can tell you exactly where the energy is not up to where it should be. The point of attention can be a stafmember, the product or the team working together. Christer does not have to meet all people, he can come in into an empty office and give you the information you need.

So your company is up to full potential and your business will accelerate.


Teambuilding is another possibility when your company want your team to be tuned in with each other. Most people spend lots of time working in the team and really finetuning in will feel so good for every one. Christer works together with Sonja on this teambuilding events.  The teambuilding can be done in Dalarna, Sweden or anywhere else you wish for.

(Note that this is not a average teambuilding)


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