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Lot of scandinavian people are living within nature, in the mountainsor the endless forrests.  They say the mountains in Scandinavia are older than the Himalayans. These mountains are places of power to help you ground, to help you release and to charge yourself. Christer have this qualities by his roots.



Christer is born in Sweden. His ancestors are Swedish. He lived in may places in Sweden and Norway. He also lived for a couple of years in Holland, yet he was longing back to Sweden. In 2020 he went back to Sweden.


For years he lived a normal average life. Around the time he was fifty, his life started to change. He was meditating with friends and realised he could feel the emotions en energy of his friends and everything around them. This was something so clear and powerful, Christer started the healing.


The years after this moment he was working mostly on his own, developing his healing and to feel the energy. Above all he also had to work on his own blockades. The universe was teaching him first how to deal with himself and then to open up. His mission was clear, very clear to him. He could no longer stop and he had to start his mission as healer/shaman.


Trough his light vibrations and his guidance, he will lead you to your old pain en blockades and he will help you release this. His focus is on (old) emotions and (old) karma from this life and previous life and family karma. He will breathe, together with you, to let the emotion come up. Sometimes he will sing shaman sound to help it come up. Christer is very grounded and like a vacuumcleaner he will take your heavy energy, he fills this up with pure light vibrations. This will go so fast and that is one of his great powers.


Christer is very down to earth. He says"you can be busy with all layers of your existance, but when your emotions are getting in the way, you can keep looking, you will not fnd what you wish for".

Mostly we start looking because we are not satisfied or we are tired. But by looking outside yourself for lighting, you run away from your own core. It is the unknown or old emotions that needs attention.

Christer's philosophy  is to start from the beginning, very fast and without much words he will take you to the depth and he will be inviting you to come home so you can live your life in balance and from your own powerfull core. 




Here is a video where Christer shares his vision and story












 Coming home


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